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Everyone can have their style and chance to express themselves, that’s a very important part of life, but sometimes hats are looked at as a pretentious accessory for hipsters and nothing more. We’re here to talk you through some of the different types of hats that are available in the world today and some information behind them. Maybe you can decide which one best suits you.
Hats are a major trend right now and there is no sign of slowing down. Men and women are both wearing hats, but many people don't know where to find the best unisex hats. For example, a ball cap might be too masculine for women or a fedora might be too feminine for men. We don't discuss types of hats from all over the world. It'll be too difficult, but here are some types of hats that we are discussing, that relate to both men and women.
The balaclava is technically a head wrap and not a hat, but it still falls under the same classification, so it’s included in this list. It is usually wrapped around the head and covers most of the neck, so only the face (sometimes only the eyes!) are exposed. Beret most popularly worn in the proud country of France, the beret has become quite a fashion statement among the population today. Bonnet is a classic hat, designed and worn by women. It has fallen out of fashion somewhat these days, but they’re still used often for fancy dress parties requiring that classic look. Bucket hats were once worn by farmers and fishermen to keep the sun from burning their heads, the bucket hat has evolved into quite the fashion icon these days. Men and women still wear bucket hats to this day to show off that trendy look. Cowboy hat any western movie fans will have seen and adored these kinds of hats. They’re even still popular today, and many men and women in the Southern states of the USA like to wear these hats. Fedoras used to be strictly formal headwear for men, but recent style trends dictate that both men and women can wear them with formal or casual attire. Fez hats tend to be considered a little more exotic than some of the others on the list, but they’re still one of the most popular styles of hats in the world today. They are easily recognizable with their interesting cylindrical shape and tassel that hangs off the top. Sun hat is one of the most common hats worn by women in the sunshine today. The sun hat proudly shows off a wide brim which helps to shield the whole head of the wearer from the negative effects of the sun. Beanie hat goes by many names: toque, cap, skullcap, stocking cap, dink, bobble hat, bobble cap. Hats can come in all shapes of sizes, but it’s obvious that most seem to have fallen out of fashion or generally out of the public eye over recent times.

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